I love what I do, and I do it with passion. I look forward to working with you.

Intesectionality work

Director of Orgullo Latinx, a nonprofit agency working to uplift Latino LGBTQ+ community

“Araceli is a community leader and someone who works hard to get the job done. Orgullo Latinx is pleased to have worked with Araceli Esparza.” Baltazar De Anda Santaza, Director of Orgullo Latinx

Connecting Hearts

UNIDOS, A local nonprofit dedicated to helping immigrant women our of domestic violence

Victoria Figueroa, Executive Director of UNIDOS, an agency that works in the prevention of domestic violence in survivor and immigrant communities. “Araceli’s energy and social media knowledge allowed us to meet event goals. I will definitely hire her again.”.

Breakouts, conferences, and engagement

Olivia Rico-McKeen, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Quartz Solutions, Inc.

“It was a wonderful session with lots of inspiring ideas and concrete actions to take to achieve my own mission. Araceli provides opportunities to flex our writing muscles, and share. It was an incredibly inspiring session!”

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