Welcome to my poet/writer’s website.

If you are interested in learning about my social engagement for social justice business, please click over to http://www.wisconsinmujer.com

There you will find out I work with agencies to provide unique services from fundraising to content creation.

If you are looking for my podcast page! YES, I wear many hats! Visit: http://www.midwestmujeres.com to listen to the latest podcast.

My work has one solid mission, but many ways to build.

My mission is to break the isolation of Latina women living in the Midwest. With close to 10 years of being a cultural bridge for many local organizations, I have built a reputation for organizing engaging events that foster community and continue building change. Trained as a storyteller with a unique background in digital organizing, communications, strategic planning I provide clients with advantages to cultivating authentic relationships with their audiences.

I was featured in Madison 365 and Wisconsin State Journal as 2018 Wisconsin’s Most Influential Latina and as a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Wisconsin Life.